Good News or Bad News?

    Some words or phrases have a positive meaning, they are good news. Others have a negative meaning, they are bad news. Write BN for bad news and GN for good news. After you can add the points and see if you’re an optimist or pessimist person.

a)      worry                                         i) precious
b)      laugh                                          j) accomplish
c)      junk foods                                  k) better
d)     win                                             l) smile
e)      lose                                            m)waste
f)       peace                                         n) confidence
g)      alive                                          o) learn
h)      thankful                                      p) believe

What was the score?

How many bad news and how many good news?

Add 1 point to each word that you wrote GN and add 0 point in the words that you put BN. Count the points. If you got 9 points, you’re an optimist person. Congratulations!
But if you didn’t get 9 points, what a pity! You‘re, maybe be a pessimist person.

Remember: “An optimist laughs to forget; a pessimist forgets to laugh”.